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The Power Of PLAY!

How to discover joy through play and unleash the power of fun and freedom!

For years I classified a lot of my beliefs about what it takes to be successful in business, life and relationships under an acronym that I call #ThePOP.

#ThePOP has meant so many things for me throughout my life and professional career:

1.) Power of Personality - I truly believe through our genuine personality, natural tendencies and innate characteristics we are truly able to experience the essence of an authentic life.

2.) People Over Policy - This belief has been my North Star as a leader in various leadership positions. I strongly believe that policies are made for people and not the other way around. When we obsess over our policies to the point that we forget that we are working and connecting with human beings and not (numbers, titles, roles and positions) then as leadership we have lost our way.

After returning back from a trip to Iceland with my best friend/ wife Renata I have now discovered yet again another meaningful application for #ThePOP ....

3.) The Power of Play - OMG, who would have thought that a couple days of adventure and play could be so rejuvenating, inspiring and uplifting to the soul! We ran through valleys, tossed black sand, we had conversations with sheep or least tried to lol. We danced to the sound of flutes, we ate, we teased, we reflected, jammed out to U2. We set out to have fun with no agenda, no objectives and no KPI's and it was life. My goodness we even went as far as booking our flight with PLAY airlines LOL!

Could play be that missing element in our lives as Adults? Professionals? Executives? Parents? I mean, our kids seem to be living their best life especially when engaged in an episode of play. I intend to be more intentional about exploring this topic and incorporating it more into my business and personal life, because I think hidden inside the 'power of play' is a whole new world of wonder that I am excited to discover!

Thanks for reading!

Love Dan. Here's a a quick highlight of some of our playful moments in Iceland!


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