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Elevate your business, enrich your brand, and exceed your goals with iAMDANIEL Consulting.

As an internationally recognized speaker and thought leader, I've made it my mission to bring the power of personality, people-centric leadership, and creative problem-solving directly to your organization. My mission is to assist companies, just like yours, to unlock their full potential and reach new heights. Through Creative Consulting I offer a range of tailored services to suit your company's unique needs, whether you need guidance on transforming your corporate culture and customer experience or creative ideas for your go-to-market strategy, let's start the conversation and see what amazing things we can accomplish together!

Unleash the potential of your organization by tapping into the power of personality. With this service, Daniel will work closely with your team to infuse your unique personalities into your brand, creating a distinct and engaging presence.

  • May Include:

    • Personality Analysis

    • Customized Branding Strategies

    • Employee Engagement Workshops/Training

    • Customized Keynotes/Talks

  • Ideal for: Businesses looking to strengthen their brand identity and create meaningful connections with customers and employees

Fuel innovation in your business with Daniel's Creative Ideation Services. Daniel will guide you and your organization through outside of the box thinking and idea generation which in turn will encourage an atmosphere of experimentation in your marketing, branding, messaging or go-to-market strategy.

May Include: 


  • Creative Ideation

  • Brand Building/ Logo Creation

  • Copywriting/ Content Writing Strategy

  • Problem Solving/ Think Sessions

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Website Building

  • Mentorship

  • Personal Brand Kit

Ideal for: Organizations seeking to drive innovation and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among their teams. Or an Individual looking to build their personal brand or start a business.

Elevate your customer experience game to WOW status. With this service, Daniel focuses on infusing memorable experiences throughout your customer journey and creating a culture of exceptional service amongst your teams.

  • May Include: 

    • Experience Customization Strategies

    • Team Training in The Art of Wow

    • Post-Engagement Evaluation

    • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Ideal for: Companies striving to differentiate themselves through superior customer service and unforgettable experiences.


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