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Imperfection is Perfect: Why Embracing Chaos Can Lead to Success

Photo Credit: Imagica Photo Booths

Soooooo last night I Co-Hosted the 2023 Brampton Business Excellence Awards and it was way too much fun! My co-host and I were vibing with the audience and just having a good time. On the other hand, while enjoying myself and vibing, I was also making ALOT of mistakes with the event script, often repeating myself, calling up awards that had already passed and literally blanking out while staring at a page of words for at least 10 seconds.

Now I know this sounds like a terrible performance on my part, but would you believe me if I told you that MANY people from the audience came up to me after and congratulated me for a stellar performance! HUH?! Stellar!? One colleague even said it was the best yet.

Sounds like I just painted a conflicting story doesn't it? So what really happened here?

Well truth be told, even though I was royally screwing up the script, I wasn't penalizing myself for it but instead I embraced the errors and decided to just share my inaccuracies with the audience. I was-told it was a very HUMAN experience. I laughed at me, the audience laughed at me and at the end of the night everybody had a great time and NOBODY really cared what I got right or wrong. The night was a huge success and we celebrated some amazing people. As for my performance... Well according to the feedback, it was a success.

That's why I'd like to share a few thoughts on the 'Perfection of Imperfection.'

Are you a perfectionist who obsesses over every detail, striving for flawlessness in everything you do? It's time to let go of the illusion of control and embrace the power of imperfection! In this post I’ll explore the benefits of accepting chaos and imperfection in your work and personal life. I’ll show you why the pursuit of perfection is just an illusion, and how embracing the messiness of life can actually lead to greater success. So, if you're ready to stop stressing over every little thing and embrace the beauty of imperfection, read on my good friend!

What is Perfectionism?

Perfectionism is a trait that many of us strive for in our daily lives. Whether it's in our work, personal relationships, or even our appearance, we all want to be the best version of ourselves. However, this constant pursuit of perfection can often lead to stress, anxiety, and even burnout.

Numerous studies show that perfectionism can negatively impact a person’s health and that the pursuit of perfection can take a huge toll on our mental health and overall wellbeing. Take for instance a study published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology; It found that perfectionism was a significant predictor of anxiety and depression, and that the link between perfectionism and mental health was partially mediated by self-criticism and the perception of failure. Seriously! It’s damaging to take things too seriously and to push excessively for a level of perfection that by achieving will cause us harm.

In the early days of building my business there were some areas of planning (Like the website design & customer service protocols GEESH!) that I found I would just obsess over way too much. It wasn't until I learned to let go of the illusion of control and embrace imperfection that I truly started to feel happier and more fulfilled in my business and my life overall.

But what does it mean to embrace imperfection? It means accepting that we are not perfect and that's okay. It means letting go of the need to control every detail of our lives and allowing ourselves to make mistakes. It means embracing the messiness of life and finding beauty in the imperfections.

When we let go of the need to be perfect, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities. We become more creative and innovative, and we're more willing to take risks and try new things. We also become more accepting of ourselves and others, which can lead to greater self-confidence and healthier relationships.

Photo Credit: Imagica Photo Booths

Perfect! So How Do I Fix This?!

…I mean Not Perfect, uhhh.. You get the point.

The pursuit of perfection can be a never-ending and exhausting journey. It can cause stress, anxiety, and even lead to burnout. That's why it's important to let go of the illusion of control and embrace imperfection. Here are three key takeaways that I've learned on my journey of embracing imperfection:

  1. Imperfection can lead to creativity and innovation. When we let go of the need to control every detail and allow ourselves to make mistakes, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. Our mistakes can become opportunities for growth and creativity. Think about it: some of the greatest inventions and discoveries were made by accident or trial and error.

  2. Embracing imperfection can lead to greater self-acceptance and confidence. When we stop striving for perfection, we can learn to accept ourselves for who we are - flaws and all. This can lead to greater self-confidence and a healthier self-image. When we accept ourselves, we're more likely to take risks and try new things.

  3. Letting go of the illusion of control can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. When we stop obsessing over every little detail and allow ourselves to experience the messiness of life, we can find greater joy and fulfillment. Life is unpredictable and messy, but it's also full of beauty and wonder. When we embrace imperfection, we can find happiness in the journey, rather than just the destination.

So, if you're a fellow perfectionist, I challenge you to let go of the illusion of control and embrace imperfection.

Remember, the pathway to success is like a 2 year old's artwork - messy, interesting, scary, and fun. - Daniel Lewis

Photo Credits: Imagica Photo Booths

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