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Do Something the Moment You Feel This...

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Hey you!…. Yes you! Can I share one of life’s little secrets with you?

There’s a special gift in life that everyone experiences at some point during the day, during the week, during the year or whenever, but it does happen…

The cool thing about this gift is that you don’t have to buy it and if you learn to nurture it and take care of it, you’ll be able to keep it forever.

So what is it?

The Gift of Inspiration!

I know, I know the intro was a bit cheesy, but please bare with me i’m actually enjoying the gift as Im writing this very moment.

Inspiration is that small little spark that happens deep inside us, sometimes in the strangest places or for the most unexpected reasons. You’re watching a Disney movie with your kids and then BOOM! It happens, something lights up inside of you, you start tearing up or smiling or your creative juices start flowing and you know right away, this is it, you’re inspired.

Or perhaps you’re out taking a walk and something about nature, the sunset, the birds, the sound of the ocean nearby, something about it just hits different and BOOM! You’re inspired!

This post is a gentle reminder not to ignore that feeling, that gift of inspiration when it hits you, because it can be the cause of the most amazing events that take place in your day. Life would be something else if we were inspired every minute of every day for the rest of our lives wouldn’t it? However, that’s simply just not the case. For many reasons, the feeling of inspiration can at times dwindle away as we experience things like disappointments, discouragement, failures and tragedy, these are unfortunate realities of life. With that understanding, it is all the more important to make the best out of those moments when you feel that tickle in your gut or that urge to do something special, or the courage to take on the world and bring about change in some special way.


As soon as you feel inspired, act. Do something, anything, just get started.

If you feel inspired to write something, write it,even if you just write the title or the date or your name, start writing.

If you feel inspired to work out and do some physical activity, get dressed and do it, right away, even if you have to get started in your pyjamas!

If you feel inspired to help someone or offer mentorship, do it right away, schedule the zoom call, jump on the phone, throw your mask on and meet up as soon as you can and give them your full attention, don’t hold anything back.

If you're feeling inspired to sing, or design something or simply give your absolute best effort on the job, do it! Blow your employer away with this newly inspired you and see how wonderful it feels at the end of the day and also what amazing things you can achieve.

I know this might sound very KOOM-BIYAH and all, but the reason why it’s so important to act as soon as you feel inspired, is because inactivity when approached by inspiration is the clearest way of showing disregard for the gift. Keep that up and you’ll notice that the gift visits less and less until it’s extremely difficult to find or worse, it's completely gone.

I love feeling inspired and over the years I’ve learned to find inspiration almost everywhere I go. Because of this gift, I’ve built up the courage to send out emails to dream clients, build an award winning business, speak in front of large crowds, take risks, publish books and even put a ring on my childhood sweetheart. Inspiration is truly a gift and I hope you continue to cherish it.

If you’re feeling inspired today or even right now. Stop reading this post and go do something about it.

Love you all,


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