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Daniel grew his company T By Daniel, from a grassroots startup, to an established local tea brand who has served some very notable guests! The journey has been both challenging and worthwhile and Daniel aims to present both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners with the grit and tenacity it takes to start a business and the hope and inspiration needed to sustain it. All in all, Daniel shares with the audience the absolute “Must Have- Characteristics” to becoming an effective entrepreneur that is able to bring about positive change and profitable results. Using real-life examples and experiences Daniel will leave you ready to tackle your business or job in a creative, realistic and impactful way.

Key Takeaways: The Art of storytelling, Developing a winning attitude and mindset, Respect, Star power (Infusing personality into your business)

The hustle, Overcoming setbacks, resilience, creativity in business, staying competitive in your industry and more...

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Customer Service

As a entrepreneur, Daniel is passionate about people and understands first hand the impact that both great and poor customer service can have on any business, in any industry. Are you hoping to inspire your employees perception on people? Are you looking for some  non-traditional approaches to delivering excellent customer service? Do your staff need a refreshing take on the customer experience? This presentation was developed to inspire excellence and appreciation when it comes to the people we serve.

Key Takeaways: Mastering customer service, The Art Of Experience, People service, Positive impact, relationship building, Attractive salesmanship, building strong communication, The importance of customers Trust, The Disney World effect and many more...




From tragedy to triumph. Daniel Lewis, entrepreneur, author and survivor, shares his compelling story of how he went from being an aspiring musician, to fighting for his life, and then finding meaning and purpose in the most unexpected places. Change is inevitable, and never easy. But adaptability is an extremely important skill that enables us to embrace change and welcome new beginnings with courage.

Key Takeaways: Resilience, Mental Strength, Overcoming Adversity, Goal Accomplishment, Strength, Courage, Growth, Forgiveness, Perseverance

Keynote Speaker


Brand Influencer

Looking for a handsome brand influencer to

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The handsome thing is a bit speculative, but Daniel does love to partner with awesome brands who share the same KaBoOoM!

A few past partners include:


Daniel Specializes in Entrepreneurship, Customer Service & Motivational Maintenance.


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Virtual Tea Tasting

Look up the hashtag #TeaJedi on Instagram and we're pretty sure Daniel is still "owning it."

2020 was a year that forced many small businesses to innovate and re-think how we communicate our passion and message to the world. It was out of a time that demanded change that we created our Virtual Tea Tasting Service.

Available for corporate experiences, work celebrations and customer incentives, our virtual tea tastings offer participants an immersive, in depth exploration of what it takes to make a perfect cup of tea. Coupled with interesting facts, tea history and a little humour, Daniel promises to leave a smile on your face and a deeper appreciation for the beverage we call tea.

Some of our past clients include : ADP Financial, Deloitte, Edward Jones Financial, The Wynford Group and The MS Society Of Canada.

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The Force Is With You



"I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book." 

- J.K Rowling

From marketing tips to inspirational quotes and Daniel's personal story of tragedy to triumph,. there's always a good read waiting for you. Click below to purchase Daniel's books.