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Inspiration Expiration

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The Magic of Inspiration and What To Do When You Find It.

A phrase I heard from thought challenging authors David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried in their book: REWORK.

Inspiration has an expiration, it doesn’t last forever. When that energetic burst of energy hits your mind, take action. Do something. Begin right away. That “unstoppable-I-can-do-anything” feeling is beautiful when it hits, but like Timberlake's song when it’s 'Gone!' ... it's gone.

“You can accomplish two weeks of work in 24 hours when you’re high off inspiration!”

- David Heinemeier Hansson

Oh so true! the amount of quality work I can accomplish in one day when i’m inspired, kind of upsets me when I stop and think that this would normally take a week or two…

So what are we really doing when we’re not inspired?

Why are tasks so dreary and burdensome?

Where are my superpowers everyday when I get my morning started?

I have no clue.

If I knew the answer to that I’d probably have no need for a calorie budget/ fitness app to motivate me to keep my weight and nutrition in check.

But here's my best guess...

Inspiration is a little treasure that is half buried in the ground, but always wanting to be found. You can walk right past it unknowingly or your curiosity can lead you right to it.

Hidden in the ground? What in the world do you mean Daniel?

• Inspiration is in that book you keep hearing about but haven’t read yet.

• It’s in that sweet elderly person you see feeding birds in the park every day as you pass by on your morning run.

• It’s in that curious, little child you didn't listen to as they try to have a conversation with you... while you “work.”

• It’s in that beautiful piece of artwork you didn't observe in that hallway you always walk through to get to your next meeting.

• It’s in that blog you didn’t click, that still moment in your backyard you didn't enjoy, because you couldn't find time.

• It’s in the harmony of birds chirping as the day breaks while you sleep in.

Inspiration is everywhere. Find it. Use it. Don’t ignore it. And remember, when it hits you, ride the wave as long as you can, accomplish as much as you can because when it fades, it fades.

I hope this short blog can be that hidden treasure for you today and that you can use it to spark your next adventure or piece of fulfilling work.

Stay Magical,


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