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How to Become a 'Niche Ninja' In Your Industry

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Let’s imagine you were in search of a quality assam black tea and you didn’t know where to begin your search…

As many consumers, you would probably begin your search by heading over to Google and typing in: “Best Assam black tea?

Your next search would then need to be, “How to hire someone to help me explore 8.7 million results on Google?” The results from your initial search would provide an endless list of every tea company and manufacturers claim to fame about the quality assam black tea that is in their possession. You might even bump into a few top 10 Assam black tea blogger lists, and before you know it you’re customizing a black T-Shirt on a random website that happened to grab your attention.

On the other hand, you might experience an underwhelming number of results if you fine tuned your search to say:

Best organic single estate Indian Assam black tea with golden tips.

In fact, I tried it out just to spare your curiosity from clicking away from my blog post and the result(s) were astonishing! I was able to cut that 8.7 million results down to just over 3 million results! That’s a BIG drop!

So, did I web you over here to subconsciously sell you on the idea of purchasing a quality cup of black tea? Well, no.. not this time (He he he)

The previous example was to emphasize the importance of ‘Finding Your Niche’ and zeroing in on it in order to achieve the best results in your business. When positioning your products and services to sell to the market, your goal is not to find the best way of blending in to competition in hopes of gaining traction, but rather to carve out a particular area of focus, that we believe we can provide the most value to the customer. In this case it’s better to own a big slice of a smaller pie, than a small slice of a big pie.

While exploring what it means to be a ’Niche Ninja," I’m reminded of an article I once stumbled upon, which was highlighting an ambitious, young photographer who found immense success by only focusing on capturing uniquely built cottages and cabins in the fall.


That has to be the KING KONG of all niches. Seriously! How does one even come to that conclusion? But there he was a successful, young photographer who was able to charge companies anywhere from $5k and up per sponsored post for a picture that highlights anything cottage related that could be deemed useful to said organization from a marketing standpoint. Needless to say, it pays to be niche.

So what can you and I learn from the "Best organic single estate Indian Assam black tea with golden tips,” or the photographer that only takes pictures of 'uniquely built cottages and cabins in the fall?

Here are 3 Key Takeaways of Becoming a Niche Ninja In Your Industry

  1. Reduce Your Competition: The more you zero in on a specific area of focus with your products and services, the closer you get to a specific customer who would have otherwise been lost in the “noise” searching for your exact product or service.

  2. Increased Visibility: It is easier to get noticed in a crowd of 3 Million than in a crowd of 8.7 Million. Keep perfecting your Niche Ninja skills and you’ll gradually keep lessening the crowd size giving you more visibility. Picture Waldo at a Toronto Maple Leafs game.

  3. Specialization & Expertise Sell Better: Where would you rather purchase your tea from: Daniel’s Nutritious Foods Market or Daniel’s Luxury Specialty Tea Market? The latter example immediately offers a sense of specialization and expertise that is not easily detected in the name “Daniel’s Nutritious Foods.” Customers feel much better knowing they are purchasing their goods and services from an expert or the most knowledgable person in the field rather than a general store who’s focus is to sell everything and know a little about about everything as well.

I hope you found this article helpful and most importantly that it helps you take another look at your business offerings to see how you an better carve out a niche and service a more targeted market. If you enjoyed this, please please please leave a like, comment or share it within your network as it really helps me to grow my audience and encourages me to keep creating informational and inspirational content for you!

Love you all,

Happy Sippng,


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